Fix This Next

I am a big fan of Mike Mikalowicz work and his practical and valuable approach to entrepreneurship and Fix this next advisor. Fix this next is Mikes latest book bringing incredible resource on improving any business operations, every entrepreneur should read it.

Core idea is, that entrepreneur lack knowledge of what their biggest challenge is. The methodology from book helps with discovering and fixing challenges and start the process all over again. If you address them in certain priorities, one by one, with a proven metod, Mike naturally and effortlessly helps to level up.

Fix this next program is a unique, simple and wildly powerful business compass that immediately helps you get to next level.

What is Fix this next?

Discover vital needs of your company by priorities and fix them using proven methodology with our help

Developed by „Profit first“ author Mike Michalowicz

Mato is the only certified advisor in Adriatic region covering Italy, Slovenia and Croatia but may operate worldwide

Program is personally upgraded by Mato to achieve faster results and impact with low cost implementations

Special, compacted start-up version of Fix This Next evaluation & guidance. Only for the first 100 customers wishing to provide a testimonial. Done fully online. 

reduced over 50% to 399 € + Tax.