Enter Mato’s network!

Mato is a keen networker and long time active BNI member, with Linkedin Profile with over 15k connections – he is also a L.I.O.N., so feel free to connect. His membership extends also to various other organizations, from GEN – Global Entrepreneurship Network to SMErgers, investment network and phliantropic Optimist network.

In Mato’s opinion networking is not purely making sales, it is also about connecting suitable profiles, people and opportunities.

One of his clients, Banqis Holding AG . has developed a unique networking club with local presence globally, that can transition local business to global companies and boost sales easily, providing a proven provider network at lowest cost.

One of Mato’s specialties is also bundling companies and creating new products with increased value and lower sales costs enabling providers to increase their recognition and success.

If you want to learn more about effective networking, get introduced to organized networking possibilities and learn about what you need to do, to become a top networker, but especially profit from networking in your career and professional success, the best way is to book a lunch with Mato and get personal, tailored consulting. For sure this will be one of best investments you ever made.

Part of networking is also a recommendation. You can find some good recommendations about tools and sources Mato uses in the Resources. 


Some projects or clients, Mato is involved with:

Aero Print international,  a print & packaging provider in Central Europe

TheBuyersFactory, marketer agency with versed approach to sales

Viva investment Partners, investment fund management company

Mato is on constant search for global investment into opportunities from disrupting companies to simple acquisitions of distressed ones, to present them to various investors or funds. If you think you have “the startup”, or a company to “get rid of”, use the contact form and we will get back to you. As Mato often meets different prominent opportunities, he is also eager to connect with investors and fresh capital that could be used to emphasize knowledge and provide greater returns. For private investment opportunities using the contact form.

Mato is member of: