How I Can Help

Exponential coaching is all about activating transformation, changing lives, creating exceptional results that with proper mindset arrive more and more rapidly. It’s also about listening and helping people to switch on the inner drive, the motivation, the energy to reach for extraordinary results and satisfaction .
It involves deep listening which many times take to dimensions, one is not ready to touch. By eliciting we get to your true aspirations, uncovering fears and desires. The exponential program is about helping you change your perceptions, not me giving instruction. By teaching and enabling your exponential 10x thinking, you will be challenged to act exponentially bigger and also enrich your environment with it, the “ordinary” will just not be good enough. You will learn how to activate power, maintain focus, enforce yourself to discipline, and master necessary skills. I will help you develop the amazing ability to lead, when it’s time to lead and to become a follower and observer, when it’s better to do so.  I will work with you to create strategies that are true action plans, not to-do lists. For me, working together is purely about achieving  bigger outcome then what you, as a client were initially looking for. This would sometimes mean I will make you hear, what you need to hear… Not what you want to hear. See, I’m all about results and honesty, not appearances. If achieving them will mean, that I won’t be liked or loved at all times… I’m taking the risk.
See, I’m constantly evolving, studying, taking risks and making mistakes to find out what works. I spend every day at least 4 hours educating and exploring.
I am confident that interacting with me will bring exceptional value to any business or entrepreneur, with desire to advance.  Do you consider yourself ready for a 10x in your thinking and the results in your own life and in lives of people around you? Do you want to establish an incredible reputation as a powerful, impactful person? Do you want to accelerate processes, save on studying and testing, upgrade your mindset and profiting from my help? Yes? The time is to start ACTING. We are a good fit, especially if you:



crave to achieve, find satisfaction and fulfillment?


are determined to take your business to 10x growth


choose to increase prospect awareness of your brand and gain new referrals


want significant, rewarding, long term partnerships


aim to increase conversions with added value and better pricing


desire improved efficiency and reduced waste of your time to dedicate saved time to life*


optimize every step of your operations by taking advantage of digitalization, new tools and technologies

Options for our next step: 

Workshops   4×1.5h 


FIX THIS NEXT action plan (per need) – 750€

Intensive “day” 2x2h

4-hour interactive consultation and action plan creation about a specific topic: 750 €


INTRODUCTORY 30 min …. 125 €

HOURLY RATE …. 240 €



on mindset, personal mission, organisation, focus, discipline and self-control, procastrination, time organisation and hacking, optimizing your work and business and increase efficiency – guaranteed to find you at least 8 additional hours a week!


on identifying the ideal customer and adjusting your offer to it covering the sales and profit phase, setting up the product value, sales and marketing strategies considering also UX and overall value. Guaranteed to help you overcome competition big time and find new monetization opportunities!


on networking and follow up, customer care, user experience and influence of it to value, changing the overall approach to sales and client relations in you company. How to create your personal presence, authority and become a known expert and influencer in the field. How to attract referals and get positive client testimonials for use. Guaranteed to make you known and influential.

offline sales

on traditional sales channels and offline sales strategies, cold calling and other tactics, as well as on sales preparation, writing teksts, content hacking and defining an offer your clients will not be able to refuse – guaranteed you will transform your sales approach and significantly improve conversion!

authority & impact

on writing and developing content, mentoring, consulting and adding real value to it. Guaranteed to help you start on your first book or course.

becoming more efficient

on Business Process Management, Lean, Kaizen, Automation and optimization – becoming efficient, reduce waiste and expenses, optimize and innovate, always. Guaranteed to discover 3 huge savings or innovations for your future operations!

using online

on modern / digital sales channels and online strategies – how to strategize your business for online sales, what can bring in crm, social media, email and other profiles, what to do inhouse and how to pick a contractor for the rest, what works what don’t + some really out of the box approaches to lead generation, conversion, funnels and online sales. Guaranteed to add at least one new sales path to your offer

kidpreneurs & youth

on youth finding their way to kidpreneurship and being able to design their business vision, knowing what it would take to realize it and learning not only how to do it, but also how to suceeed in it while having fun. Guaranteed to amuse, educate and raise interest! Suitable for young from 10-15 years.

Ready to take your private & business life to a completely new efficiency level and toward Present-day goals?

I am available also as company advisor, board member on global scale. Do not hesitate to contact me also for regional representative services (with offices in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia at disposal and ties to Balkan countries, Austria and Hungary). or other connecting and networking help in region.