Exponential coach & consultant helping
high achievers
to satisfaction.

To be among top performers you need the knowledge, discipline, and right tools. I’m helping you remove the clutter, educate and advise, introduce you to the selected tools and secrets, as well as motivate you so you can reach for the top. All this in accelerated, done for you coaching steps, based on 30 years of experience and constant education. It’s time to uplevel.

The offer


Individual consulting, advisory, mentorship or personalized exponential coaching

I coach through an in-depth analysis and design the personalized exponential coaching program for you using different methods, tools, and extensive knowledge. Completely tailor-made solutions covering multiple topics and networking. Available in English, Italian, Croatian or Slovene language.


Educational workshops and academy

My topical educational programs and challenges  that combine interactive online training, assessment and live group discussions. Available in my exclusive Academy. Priced for anyone.

The upscale 5 day change challenge - special!

A mini group intensive 5 day coaching challenge combining basics of exponential change, covering all vital levels of personal and professional success and happiness in special life-entrepreneur  flywheel. Live work in group 2 hours a day + individual tasks at own pace and time. Final personal consultation. Limited to 8 selected participants weekly.  Valued at over 10.000 € but with Covid modified price at only 1999 € (reduced from regular 2699 €) – guaranteed to deliver you exceptional results and transform your mindset, goals and power to achieve.

Ready to learn a leverage that takes your private & business life to a completely new satisfaction level ?

Mato Gatnik gained experience in his almost 30 years old lasting entrepreneurial career ranging from an internship at design and marketing agency in Italy through journalism and life in the USA to his current determination to enhance entrepreneurial success rate from his favorite part of the world – Adriatic – the Mediterranean.

Through intensive studies in the last decade putting the knowledge to practice and testing ideas in both – brick and mortar businesses as well as in modern online ventures, he has switched his career path from “operational” to coaching part, sharing part of his time and knowledge to bring transformation, value and proven exponential efficiency to anyone suitable wishing to upscale satisfaction in professional and personal life. 

Mato is an FTN certified advisor as well as an N2D Method practitioner, a licensed NLP and life coach, a kaizen / lean 6s fan and a researcher, Lardiology author and constant student, spending several hours each day to explore, learn and test new knowledge. 
His true value is not only in education, but especially in a practical, goal-oriented approach that among other focuses on expansion of mindset, multiplication of  sales, increasing of profits, improving of “order”, establishing individual’s impact and ensuring legacy.

Mato has also developed a program for educating youth about entrepreneurship and is available also for workshops, public appearances, and other forms of cooperation. He is also a keen networker and member of BNI, Optimists international, GEN and several other clubs and organizations.

Results speak…

Julie Meyer

Mato is an outstanding business partner to have.   He’s proactive, clever and smart, with a great work style.    I’ve consistently wanted to do more with him through all of my interactions with him. I value his input, and have introduced him to my portfolio companies in order for his insights and expertise to be leveraged.

Maja Tomšič

An in-depth review of each individual project is the starting point of Mato’s work, in which a methodical study of objective and subjective factors, business challenges and consideration of business nature is made. This base is upgraded with his rich knowledge from various fields, enriched with experience, practical goal-oriented approach, and thinking outside the box, Mato introduces improved processes and new work models, networking partnerships and other ideas, that lead to more successful, efficient work in a simple, accelerated way and exceed desired results and expectations. You won’t find this kind of approach anywhere else.

Stuart Poppelton

“Mato’s broad knowledge, experience and global personal network helped us to define our primary international development goals and strategies faster, as well as to achieve them ahead of time with significantly lower costs then expected. He not only helped us with growth, but also proposed ideas that increased our value and improved customer experience. Highly recommended.”

Information flood. Ever-changing market. Disruptors transforming the industry. Sales fluctuations. Increasing advertising costs that are lacking results. Outdated inefficient operations. Neglection of companies vital needs. Failing on profit or goals. Broken focus syndrome and lardiology. 

Exponential coach, exceptional results.

My goal is to use the exponential coaching method that combines knowledge and practical approach to take you among 1% of global top performers and bring you exceptional results and personal satisfaction. In coaching cover a wide area of disciplines and knowledge, but focus on the vital needs of any professional: MINDSET, SALES, PROFIT, ORDER, IMPACT, LEGACY and FULFILLMENT in a perpetual, flywheel of improvements helping you rapidly and effectively achieve extraordinary results.

Achieving Results


Helping you learn your issues

By helping you to recognize, define and transform issues, desires and goals you can  step on the path to exponential success. I work with you using specific methods to redefine goals and transform a strong business into a superb one, as well as help you learn how to maintain your satisfaction and motivation in your life. This phase helps establish ground, is perpetual and constantly evolving. 



Concentrated & intensified 

I take the essential learnings form my studies to help you in development of your Intellectual Property and field authority. I help you leveraging your skills, talents and expertise and show you the massively increased impact with building your community. I help you truly differentiate yourself, in a crowded marketplace – so you fly as a leader.  I become your studying, thinking, talking and challenging partner.


Productivity and satisfaction

Introduction of the right tools, digitalization, new communication procedures and motivation bring significant upgrade to team cooperation and satisfaction thus increasing team performance and overall satisfaction rate. Me and my team have spent tens of thousands over last years to find out simply the most flexible, lean and efficient tools. By partnering we will help you  continuously improving your business and life.